A Property Valuer is an accredited Appraiser that calculates and estimates the current value of a piece of real estate including land and buildings. Home values fluctuate and as such a reliable estimate is is always related to a specific point in time.property valuer in maple ridge

If you wanted to know “how much is my house worth” you would go to a Property Valuer that specializes in residential appraisals. Residential Property Valuers are experts in assessing the value of residential properties in a specific geographical area.

Commercial real estate values are appraised by Property Valuers that specialize in the real estate values of non residential properties such as development land and land related to native community land claims. Commercial Appraisals are more complex and involved higher valued projects than residential assignments. Commercial projects include Estate Appraisals related to complex estates and high value estate planning arrangements.

Equity Valuation and Consulting Services is a Commercial Property Valuer and concentrates exclusively on non residential projects. Accurate Commercial real estate values are a critical component of the decision making process related to deal structuring and project funding. Funding requests are supported with  borrower equity and accurate estimates of property values. As a result it is impossible to complete most commercial property transactions without a clear picture of the real estate value of the project.



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